2016 – “TWAS 2016”, awarded by The World Academy of Sciences for the advancement of science in developing countries. (see link)

2013 –Medal of Honour, awarded by the Order of the Economists of Brazil

1991 – Lanchester Prize 1990 for the book “Two-Sided Matching. A Study in game theoretic modeling and analysis” awarded by the Operations Research Society of America (with Alvin Roth).

2006 - Henrique Simonsen Prize, awarded by the Brasilian Review of Economics.

1996 –Adriano Romariz Duarte Prize, awarded by the Brasilian Review of Econometrics.

2001 – Haralambos Simeonides Prize, awarded by the National Association of Graduate Centers of Economics -ANPEC-BRAZIL (with David Perez-Castrillo).


2017 - Fellow of the Game Theory Society

2015 – Elected for the Brazilian Academy of Sciences

1993 – Fellow of the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation

2003 – Fellow of the Econometric Society

2015  - Economic Theory Fellow

2015 - “Special issues on Matching: Theory and Applications, dedicated to Marilda Sotomayor on the occasion of her 70th birthday” – Journal of Dynamics and Games

2015 – Chair of the Latin American Standing Committee of the Econometric Society

1994/1997 – Council Member of the Econometric Society

2003/2009 - Council Member of the Econometric Society

2012 /2015 - Council Member of the Econometric Society

2005 – Nominating Committee for councils of the Econometric Society

2013 – Nominating Committee for Officers of the Econometric Society

2014 – Nominating Committee for Fellows of the Econometric Society

1998 – Council Member of the Game Theory Society

1999 - Charter Member of the Game Theory Society

2006 – Patron of the graduating students of Economic Sciences of the Univ. of São Paulo, at Ribeirão Preto.

2010 – Celebration of the 20th anniversary of the book: Two-sided Matching: A Study in Game Theoretic Modeling

and Analysis ( with Alvin Roth) in the meeting “Roth and Sotomayor. Twenty years after”, Duke University.

2012  - Opening Lecture, Brazilian Meeting of ANPEC

2014 – Opening Lecture, Department of Economics of ESALQ – São Paulo


Associate Editor, Econometrica, 1990-1993.

Associate Editor, International Journal of Game Theory, since 2003.

Editor of the Special Issue in honor of David Gale, for the International Journal of Game Theory. – 2006, 2007.

Editor of the session on Game Theory for the encyclopedia: Complex Systems and Sciences, Springer – 2006-2008, 2015



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